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Stellar7 is under the prototyping phase to get the basic architecture and game engine in a working state.

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This game is going to be exciting to any hardcore space strategy fan. It's not your typical jump-in-a-ship-and-roam-the-galaxy cookie cutter space template game. In Stellar7, you're limited in your interactions with your ship that's off in space carrying out your commands which makes you think carefully before acting.

Here are just a few planned features for the first playable alpha:

  • Six Specialty Crew (Hackers, Mercenaries, Miners, Geo Scientists, Tactical Consultants, and Botanists). This is in addition to the basic crewmen needed to run your ship, such as your Commanding Officer and Medical Officer.
  • A global market for players to buy and sell their ship crew that have gained valuable experience
  • A Stock Exchange for trading on your competitors' successes and failures. It's a really cool way to make extra cash.
  • Basic script support. Every command you send your ship is sent via the console, even if you click a button to execute a command in the user interface. Commands can be queued up as they're sent to your ship way out in some other galaxy (and take some time to travel that distance), and this opens up the possibility to write and share your own custom scripts. For example, you could make a script that sends your ship to a certain sector, executes a scan, navigates to the nearest planet, and deploys a mining operation.

Due date is when it's done, but I'm hoping to have a playable alpha this spring.

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