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The mod file was lost but i am returning to work on it further, read the description for more details.

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I was working on the mod one day and i decided to take a break for a while. This mod is huge and will take time to create the technology and national focus trees for you guys. The pc issue i had was based around my keyboard and it was a big nuisance. My file for the mod was destroyed and i had to do a factory reset on my old pc. I bout a new one and will try and get back to work on the mod as soon as possible. In the meantime, i'll keep everyone updated and stay tuned, the mod will be released. I promise you that this mod will be one of the best mods in HOI4 history.


-Since i am having trouble with the focus trees, i have decide to recycle some trees and modify them for the mod's standards. It may look similar to the vanilla focus trees but it's all i can do for now. There will be updates on them in the future.

-The technology is also difficult, i have some icons but they're not enough so i will only put some tech replacements in the first patch and once again hope to advance on them down the road.

-Certain leaders are inaccurate so i shall work on those in the meantime and create events based on how the mod runs. Keep in mind, some events will change from historical ones just to make things more interesting. It's an alternate world of course, things will be different.

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