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brief description of the progress being made for the game.

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Hello guys today we want to discuss with you a few things we'll be improving on and balancing. So first off some of the in game scripts are fully functional so were working on accurately getting these fixed so gameplay remains smooth. The story is just about fully implemented in the engine so expect to see some updates in the near future. Were getting closer and closer to our crowfund campaign and we hope you guys are their with us each step of the way, we hope you find boris the vampire a fun and pleasuring experience for family and friends alike.

town screen new

Heres a scene in the thats in the first chapter of the game, theres a few things we'll be changing to improving the experience for the player such as adding dynamic weather effects and more.

Thank you for catching this week's article also make sure to be ready for our steam release coming within a few short months along with our crowdfund campaign we'll need you the community help us along each step of the way to bring you a well thought story based game. If you would like to help us please make sure to check out new website as well Anuragl94.github.io and thank you for reading and stay

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