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Kickstarter failed and it was our fault. But we made it to Steam and we are working hard to build a enjoyable game! And Testers seems pleased so far. What we are going to do, and what decisions we made, read in the full article...

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Hello Everybody !

We made it through greenlight and are preparing the game for Steam.
Our Kickstarter campaign failed mainly because we had no people left to work with kickstarter, make PR news or even post some updates there... But well we focused our efforts towards a stable release to Early Access on Steam.

Kickstarter was a nice way to get more funds to polish everything a notch. But without we are still going to release a playable, hopefully bug free and enjoyable game. Currently we are testing the game and testers are giving us some quite important information's what we need to solve before we go EA on Steam.

We made significant progress towards our goal, and the game is really fun. All of our Core Mechanics work and play nicely together. Our current work consist of making more content and getting rid of some Bugs and unpolished things (Some props are still missing a proper texture and a lot of animations are not smoothed yet). But even with our schedule tight and just ~17 days until release we are going great on our time frame. We will deliver a game that you can enjoy.

But we will lock you from going deeper then level 4 for now. As we like to build more content for these areas. Playable just to level 4 may appear like a demo or small, but it isn't... The Levels are quite large. And you will have a lot to do until you reach level 4.

We will increase the level cap with every major update, as we release more content and get rid of bugs and add new features.

We will announce some features later on. But we also like as a Early Access game to give you the possibility to give us feedback and suggestions. We have a great Team here, and we like to develop the game into a certain direction, but you as a player can influence this direction.

Some features we can tell you already : Fully destructible terrain, Procedural generated maps and elements, customization options for your team members, Crafting, skills and level-ups, Combat, challenging Traps/Maps/Enemies, unlock content for a new play through and more.

Well keep playing and please stay with us :)
We will keep you updated !

Best regards,
Snapjaw Games GmbH - Team

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