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Steam Marines v0.6.6a is out with a Survivor Recruitment system and bugfixes!

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Hello once again, everyone!

This is a Turkey Day build with a Survivor Recruitment system and bugfixes. It is also save game compatible with v0.6.5a and v0.6.5.5a (the two builds prior). The Survivor Recruitment system will not be the only recruitment system, but this is to get some feedback before releasing more complicated, resource-based recruitment.

Survivor Recruitment

New Features

  • *A survivor recruitment system is in place.
  • Tile destruction data now persists in save file.
  • Mission Objectives now persist in save file.
  • Smashing wall tiles with melee now has a 50% success rate, up from 33%.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Frozen weapons always showing "-1 AP" on hit even when no action point
    reduction was applied.
  • Elevators no longer power off when a save game is loaded.
  • Multiple save/persistence bugs fixed.
  • Fixed consoles always being corrupted.


  • *Thesurvivor recruitment system is triggered when using the elevator and
    the squad has lost at least one member. A survivor will be generated
    with random stats/gear and the player may choose to accept or reject
    the recruit candidate as desired. Survivor recruits may start

As usual you can download the latest builds on the official website or the official forums. Thanks for reading and happy robot hunting!

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