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Post news RSS Steam Marines v0.6.5.5a has arrived with bugfixes!

Steam Marines v0.6.5.5a has arrived with bugfixes to patch v0.6.5a!

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Hello again!

Less than a 24 hour turnaround for v0.6.5a release and a v0.6.5.5a bugfix build. Not too shabby, eh? Save games should be compatible so no worries, just download and install.



New Features

  • Frost weapons now have a 50% chance on hit to reduce target action points
    by 1.
  • Grenadier weapon chance to destroy terrain increased to 75%.
  • All classes had weapon stats tweaked (mostly upward) in part to compensate for
    new stat reduction mechanics.
  • All classes had base armor rating increased.
  • All Flamejacks have a 3 tile range for their main attack in both Easy
    and Normal difficulties.
  • Reduced chance for enemies to pop out of grate tiles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed secondary objective "Use no grenades" from updating prematurely.
    It happens to lots of objectives!
  • Action Point counters update immediately when swapping gear instead of after
    taking another action.
  • Enemies now destroy dispensers instead of walking underneath them.
  • Fixed Leader class talent "Stim" not auto ending the turn when using
    the squad's last action points. Plays nice with "auto-end turn"
    game option.
  • Fixed Grenadier splash damage without a primary target being set at
    grenade level damage (30).
  • Fixed a slew of inventory persistence bugs!
  • Fixed character gender not always updating on squad creation screen.
  • All squad slot classes should cycle properly regardless of the current class
  • Scout auto-shots in follow mode should now penetrate multiple enemies
  • Squad members no longer able to reload and fire in the same movement in
    Follow Mode.
  • Fixed flanking shots in Follow Mode.
  • Fixed damage popup display issue on Grenadier's primary target.
  • You should no longer be able to fire between tile positions by spamming keys
    like a mad (wo)man.
  • Fixed erroneous "found stairs" messages triggering when near stairs.


  • Auto-save on program exit turned off to avoid save file corruption on program

As usual you can also catch the latest builds and changelogs on the official site or the official forums. Special thanks to forum user Bronson for providing a heap of bug reports tonight! He rocks. Also if you enjoyed Steam Marines please do head on over to the Steam Greenlight page and vote for it!

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