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Post news RSS (Steam) Kat + Bunn: Phantom Fuzzballs; A retro-style RPG about life after loss

Check out our upcoming retro-style adventure game releasing on Steam.

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Call me Diver, I'm a 17 year old indie game developer and alongside my girlfriend we've been working on a project we're super excited about. A couple years ago, the two of us lost a close friend to suicide. This really hit us and some of our close friends hard and I personally felt really lost for a long time not knowing how to deal with the grief. I'm telling you this because it was the inspiration for our latest project Kat + Bunn: Phantom Fuzzballs.

It's a retro style storytelling game about a pair of stuffed animals belonging to a wealthy family's kids. Bunn belongs to the daughter who loves him dearly but the son Kat was given to neglects him and often discards him to the attic with the other old toys he doesnt want anymore. One day, the two kids are taken away because of a mysterious illness. Kat sees them taken away but doesnt care because the boy was never nice to him anyways. Bunn comes to Kat worried asking if he knows where they went. Kat immediately feels bad and tells Bunn they were taken to the "golden city" the logo he saw on the side of the ambulance.. golden city medical. They go an adventure to find this golden city and in the end it's a sad yet heartwarming tale of Bunn staying beside his terminally I'll friend in her final moments and Kat finding happiness for Bunn and with the friends he met along the way.

Publishing fees are expensive in the gaming industry and there are development costs that are hard for us to pay for as high school students. This project means alot to us though and we've been working night and day to make it happen. We have a lot to learn but have been improving our skills and product day by day. To help pay for development of this game, we launched a kickstarter page. However, our issue is getting exposure. We'd love it if you checked it out.


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