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New minor version of the Alpha is now released, adding Orders to the game.

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New core feature: Orders. You'll now get requests for processed and shaped wood and it's up to you to decide if you can deliver on these. Failing or declining an Order loses you reputation points, while completing it earns you money and reputation. The higher your reputation the more demanding the Orders will get, but the bigger the profit you make per-order.

Currently only the two wood types ('processed' and 'shaped') are implemented, but in later updates the metal, textile and food machines as well as the related Orders will be added. Reputation points will also unlock better machinery, when these are implemented. The plan is to build each Tier progressively over the coming updates as the higher Tiers would also require a bigger level to place them in (Tier 4 are big, big machines!).

The graphics have been further polished as well and there have been many, many updates and fixes to the code.

The next update will be the 'Workers Update' and that one will add the full system for workers. In this you'll be able to hire workers, schedule when they'll work and of course how much you pay them, while still keeping them happy and not overworked. Workers will be able to do various tasks for you such as maintaining boiler pressure, work at a machine to increase production and automate various things in your factory.

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