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Post news RSS Steam Factory 0.3: the Workers Update

The Early Alpha version 0.3 is released, check the 'Download' tab to get it. It adds a set of new gameplay features.

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The Workers Update:
- Workers can now be hired. If and how many workers are available for hire, and how skilled they are, depends on your reputation.
- Workers can be fired as well, if they are no longer needed for example.
- Worker schedules can be set individually, thus allowing for shifts and grouping of certain workers.
- Experience is gained by a worker while they work, there are various fields in which a worker can gain experience.
- Stamina is drained while a worker is working, if it drains too far it will affect their health.
- Workers with too low health will not come to work and may be lost, so take good care of them ;)
- New management menus for the workers.
- Tooltips for worker stats.
- Various bug fixes and minor polish.

The game is still rough around the edges and though I've done my best to test and fix bugs for this release many oddities will still be present.
Don't hesitate to contact me on social media or through my support mail: sales@evilturtle.nl to report these!

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