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We'd like to announce the features you can look forward to when Dungeonforge hits Steam Early Access and when you can look forward to it!

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We are beyond psyched as a studio to be where we currently are. We were Greenlit after less than two weeks of voting. We knew once that occurred a lot of things would come into place for us, including Steam Workshop and Early Access.Now we are thrilled to announce our Early Access content and the time frame by which it will be available to our backers!Early Access Content and Features

  • Early version of our Adventure Creation System, the Dungeonforge! This will include the tabletop map generation function right out of the box for anyone looking to print and play their dungeons on the tabletop, as well as play them in the game.
  • Early version of our Persistent World system which will allow community dungeons to coexist online.
  • A "Mega-Dungeon;" A massive, persistent dungeon to which everyone contributes!
  • DM-able dungeons as a preview of what Live Tellings in Dungeonforge will have in store.
  • Submission of custom map tiles through Steam Workshop on day one, with weapon and character submission to follow. We're staggering this out so we can make sure the systems we'll have in place for balancing custom weapons and characters are adequate.
  • Two character classes to play with and customize on day one; The Knight and the Sorceress, with other classes joining them in short succession.
  • Instant feedback to the devs within the game, including in-game issue and suggestion submission and star ratings for just about everything so you can let us know about your experience as you go and help shape Dungeonforge in an indelible way that's exclusive to Early Access players.

Come back our Kickstarter to help us make this happen and to secure your Early Access copy atKickstarter.com.
Early access will begin in May of this year!And as a celebration of this announcement, here's a brand new screenshot of the game, featuring our two day 1 characters!

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