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Doors have been complete and we shall soon be moving on to life support!

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Yay! Completed goals! As promised in last weeks news I worked on getting the doors working. Not too much more to say on that topic. There are basically two types of doors: standard doors and airlocks. They both use the same script with different settings checked to create different behaviors. The airlock only opens when activated, and stays open until activated again. The standard doors share this functionality but will also open automatically when a player (and hopefully NPC) approaches and then close behind them. Players wishing to leave a door open can activate it like the airlock and it will stay open.

Doors are going to play a major role in how life support works in the game. Some of the infrastructure has already been set up in the doors but it’s not unlikely that I will have to overhaul a few systems to make everything work. The end result I am going for is that in addition to being able to vent the ship and kill everyone inside by opening all the doors, rooms that have doors open to vacuum but have not been completely vented will cause all occupants to be pulled in the direction of the open door. This should create the effect of being pulled out an open airlock. It also creates some interesting possibilities for ship captains to vent pesky enemy boarding parties.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, and hope to have more tales of success next week. A video should be coming eventually. I am holding out until I have something significant to show. Perhaps when I have the capitol ships working? Keep an eye out.

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