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Quick status update and texture artist request for Star Trek: Tranquility

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So here's the deal folks! We've had almost 100 visitors, roughly 30 or so a day since we've announced this developing game. That's awesome! So to those who've seen us and are watching us a great thanks!

Now we realize that our texture work isn't exactly, on par with AAA games such as Mass Effect or Call of Duty. We're hoping that SOMEONE will step forward with Texturing experience. We only require that you have a working knowledge of 3ds Max as that is where our models are made, however Blender experience is also welcome as we know that Blender has the capability of opening Max Files. As far as texturing programs go, you're free to use what you want, Photoshop, GIMP, ZBrush, whatever you are confident in, please feel free to let us know.

If you're interested in doing some texture work for us, we're more than happy to review your portfolio! Submit your portfolio or demo reel to us at starforcemedia2@gmail.com and we'll review it as quickly as possible!

The bad news, we cannot compensate you at this time financially. As this is a Demo Pitch towards CBS one day, we're working as a non-profit standing. We'll let CBS decide if our game is worthy of being created and we'll go from there. For now however, what we can offer you, is a glowing recommendation, and the chance to use us as an opportunity to grow your Resume' and gain more experience.

Thank you all!

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