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Status, and general remarks at this stage in the development of the mod.

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Work on the mod Continues.

New Team Member is 13 Bloody Spider Chan (Don't know if he has a profile here) He is going to help me texture because I'm not very good at it.

Other than that Contributors so far include Tuckles with 2 knifes (Don't have the screens up yet but will soon) and Gregor V with some reference shots from various Dune games.

Other information you might want to know is you will notice the weapons are low poly. It's inentional. I can model better than that but I want everyone to be able to play with large amounts of Troops on screen. Pending some textures from Spider I might be able to release a basic demo with just some Atreides and Harkonnen's in a quick battle.

Post any questions you have I'll be glad to answer them.

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