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A lot has been done this week, here is an overview of whats been improved!

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Happy Friday folks!

It’s been quite the busy week! A lot of work has been done, and TLL is feeling more like an actual GAME every day! Here’s an overview of most of the improvements made:

  • A lot of analyzing of static structures was done, like buildings on land, to figure out how to better optimize them for FPS performance.

  • The main menu was improved on once again!

  • A few WIP blocks were added, including 3 different sizes of keels, so your ship won’t flip over!

  • AI was tweaked a bit and improved upon

  • Ship movement physics were tweaked, to make ships a lot more stable and controllable through the water.

  • Quite a bit of balancing was done with ships and blocks in general. Ships are more resilient now, and will take a few more hits to go down instead of being one-shot so easily.

  • The telescope block was finally made functional, and can now be accessed by pressing T when you have one on your ship! A fancy new WIP GUI for it has also been added!

  • Tips have been added to the loading screens, and in-game.

  • Weapons have been split up into 3 tiers, with varying damage and reload times for each of them.

  • The GUI for loading ship designs has been changed, and now shows general stats for ships, including how well they’ve done in Battle Seas mode!

So as you can see a LOT has been done this week! I hope you guys enjoy our progress, and we will of course keep you guys updated as best we can! See you next week!

-Kimmy T


Looking great!

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thanks AzzaB!

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