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Post news RSS Status Report #1 [4/8/2020]

Simply the first article for the moddb page. Gotta write something!

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Thanks for stopping by!

And thank you TaleWorlds for finally releasing the damn game!

Mount & Gun is currently only developed by one guy, which is me, rergat. I'm quite a novice across all fields (coding/scripting, modelling, etc), but I have the experience and free-time (somewhat) to create a total-conversion mod for my now favorite game.. I am totally open to working with people, if you're interested just shoot me a message. I'd prefer it if you knew something technical though, such as modelling, sound, music, etc. but if all you can contribute are ideas or suggestions, definitely leave a comment or message me.

TaleWorld's hasn't released the development kit just yet, it'll probably be ready in a year or so. Not sure. That's okay though, definitely does not halt development. The game is still moddable right now anyways, and people don't need the development kit to make models, sounds, and all the other types of content for a game. Thanks to Corona, I have a TON of free time. Expect updates pretty soon, of fully rendered models and what not.

Stay safe!

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