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What would you do if your hands were trapped in a weird contraption?

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Swedish developer Tarsier Studios, featuring the team behind the PlayStation Vita version of LittleBigPlanet, has announced its debut PlayStation VR title, Statik. Revealed on the PlayStation blog, Statik is a first-person puzzle game with a bizarre premise: each puzzle starts with your hands trapped inside a strange box, and you must use your eyes, ears and brains to get them free.

The boxes themselves are covered in strange devices and implements: knobs, levers, dials, and circuits – all of which form parts of the larger self-contained puzzle. Tarsier Studios expands on the story:

“Statik is a VR puzzle-mystery, where you join Dr Ingen and his delightful assistant Edith on a journey to unravel the complexities of the human mind. Awakening to each new day with a unique, hand-mounted puzzle device to solve, you must use your brain, eyes and ears to solve each mystery. Except… this is VR, so it’s hard to know whether you can trust any part of yourself. Our money’s on your brain!”

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There’s more to be learned over at the mysterious Statik Institute website, but much is hidden behind cryptic, faux-corrupted HTML. There’s currently no release date for the game, but Tarsier Studios says we’ll be learning more about it at E3 2016 next week.

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