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In this first moddb.com post, I will talk about the team, the state of development of the game and what our goals are.

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Hello everyone! I have decided to create this page in order to post more longwinded and technical posts about the game

There are a few reasons for this, one of which being the fact that we're now working hard to add content to the game (which will not look pretty and polished for a few months), meaning that we won't have many things to show in screenshots or video for the time being.

We will now briefly talk about each part of the game and talk about the general progress. Full articles for each of these sections will come in the future :)

The Team

The team is composed of two people: I, Alessio, do everything (programming, graphics, gameplay, sound, etc) except story writing, which is done by our second important team member, Tiziano Ottaviani who runs an Italian collective blog about storytelling and writing called Scripta and has a background in cinematography and writing. He and I work closely together on the story itself, and the way it is implemented into the game itself.

Other than the two of us, we are helped by a few other people: Daniele and Arno (manukauheads) will provide us for with both music for the actual game and youtube videos respectively, and a few other people providing help with programming every now and then.

The Game

We have been working on The Henchmen for more than a year, and in this time we've built all the systems needed for an open world game such as the various open-world mechanics, all the game mechanics, the city itself and so on reaching a full-on Alpha Stage. Now that we have every mechanic needed in the game we can start building content such as the missions themselves and turn this sandbox of mechanics into a real game.

The Gameplay

As mentioned now, all the main gameplay mechanics are in place. These range working exactly how we wanted (I am very proud of how the cars turned out) to working but kinda janky (The shooting and fighting mechanics will need some work).

We are now working on the missions, and right now our goal is to complete the first chapter of the game. Afterward, we will work on polishing all the content we already have.

Graphics and Sound

It took us a while to get to our current graphics style, which is what I had envisioned from the beginning. It still needs a lot of polishing, tons of effects are missing, there are a lot of small problems, and 2/3 of the city still needs to be detailed (which have nothing but buildings and path nodes).

Other than that, we haven't got any interior graphics: that's another beast in itself.

Sound-wise, all of our sounds are placeholders stolen from other games, and not many sounds are even programmed in the game itself.

We will talk about music another time.

The Story

The first chapter of the game is completely written, while the rest of the story is still not. Right now we use text to speech for voices, but we will have actual people voicing our characters later on.


This topic will have an article of its own as it is very long-winded, but TLDR: Performance is bad but we can (and will) fix it.

Closing notes

The game still needs a lot of work, but we've made very big progress this year and a half and all in all, I am satisfied.

Until now, I have worked on this game fulltime, but In less than two weeks this will change as I'll start going to university to study computer science. It's not the end of the world as I knew from the beginning one year is all I had to work on this full time, and I gave it my best. Progress will now be slower, but it was accounted for.

Our plan now is to have a polished demo early next year that will include the first chapter of the game with all the above sections being improved upon massively. After that, we will be looking for financing, either by publisher or crowdfunding.

As said above, each of these sections will get in-depth articles about them, so if you're into that, you can leave a like www.facebook.com/TheHenchmenGame , follow me on twitter @alessioforlante, join our discord community discord.gg/sugd98N or just follow us on moddb.com

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