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Ganymede Gate has been rebooted, and i will be keeping everyone informed

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Ganymede Gate has been my pet project for 4 years already!

Yeah, it was made initially as an excercise of me learning NodeJS. It was a multiplayer roguelike which honestly was pretty good sounding idea, but ended up making the whole game framework spaghetti-code-like and maintenance was crappy af.

Recently i began using Godot for another development and told myself "hey, why not reboot Ganymede Gate with this awesome tool".

And here we are, took inspiration from Superhot for my main gameplay mechanic (Time moves as you move, which in fact is the way roguelikes work, enemies move only when you move) and ditched the grid movement because what's the purpose of a new roguelike if it isn't breaking rules and furthering the genre?

So here we are, first alpha release is buggy af and doesn't contain much playability, but the main mechanic is there and some of the upcoming stats/perks are in there (accuracy affects precision of the weapons, etc).

Follow Ganymede Gate to be notified of all the good stuff incoming!

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