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Glass Kind be faster than time. Game in which every step counts.

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Glass kind_ adventure - logic game it which every move couts. In fictitious reality conflict after World War II where none of the parties won, and the defense industry developed in no conceivable way. Meet the heroes of the story and play as one of the fractions Polani , Prussia ,Sovia or Kaukazia.


Meet Ewa, one of the best snipers during the history of the conflict. As the only one of 303 Squadron survived the slaughter at Konigsberg. She becames famous for heres amazing feats fending off enemy troops in heroic battle in which, unfortunately,shes lost a sister. From hands of Field Marshal Hindenburg. Demons of War, unfortunately persecute Ewa which affects heres unpredictable charater in search of revenge. Contrary sniper tactics Ewa rather than hide in the darkest alleys, uses heres incredible skill and precision thanks to a shot, which she can excel in slow time. Ewa combines good camouflage and speed of reaction is a reliable and accurate weapon in the hands of a skilled player. Her moss is one of the fastest of its class. That complements the Ewa in the fight as a machine with a high rate of fire. Devastating enemy troops.

Field Marshal Hindenburg Prussia. Many times marked on the battlefield, his main skill is speed, can move so fast that none of the enemy is not able to pull a weapon before his death. The field marshal is bloody beast in speed silent unmatched, his finesse in the use of weapons works very well in the fight. However, impetuous nature does not allow him to be precise in action. His moss Holstein This is a typical mech combat, but rather a combat base, which is deadly at long range. Its howitzers and weapons destroy whole cities, turning them into a large pile of rubble.


-The Game will be able to build a base of individual components. You will also build vehicles.

-Walk Will consist of close combat melee weapons and firearms of different behaviors. In addition to the disposal of the player will grab that easily allow to attract to a given location in a matter of seconds.In Plans there is climbing and gliding.

-Use Game state will answer procedural scripts that will direct the behavior of your enemies which will affect a small repeatability of behavior, and therefore the joy in learning new techniques, attack enemies and opposing them.

- Double control. The player will be able to remotely control Mech's as the incarnation of him. What gives you a greater control of the battlefield.

- In strategic mode, it will be possible managerial large branches allies or the embodiment of the captain and management offices in third-person mode.

-Procedural Weapons may consist of various components which will affect its recoil and power. In addition, the weapon can be controlled remotely which firepower would be devastating for the members of the hostile army.

-Proceduralna Map of the game world will be controlled procedurally with events that will appear randomly in the site. Depending on the army and its relation to player events can become unpredictable and change like a kaleidoscope. Sometimes in advance win situation can be impassable barrier that only the player will be able to get out.

-Graphic will be based on simple solids to even a weak computer during massive battles could manage. Simple graphics also affects quite a fantastic climate. The game will bring its own kind of climate and adventure.

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