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Start of Alchemy, Repair Hammer item, Town progress, misc improvements, & bug fixes

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On March 6, we lost our beloved grandfather… He was very close to us and we miss him dearly. As you can imagine, we stopped working last week, and have only begun getting back into it recently. It will be slower trekking for a while.

Here's what we worked on before from February 21 - March 5 and had yet to post here:


  • Repair Hammer: Allows you to repair the damaged condition of your weapons and armor.

  • Mortar & Pestle: Perform basic Alchemy! Allows you to combine ingredients into a mixture. Currently, an item’s effects (ex. healing) will just be merged, WIP.


At the moment, we have quite a few design decisions that still need to be made for alchemy, but here’s some of what we’ve decided on so far:

All effects that can be made from alchemy are based upon the 4 elements. The goal is to allow alchemists the ability to break down items into elements. Advanced alchemists will then be able to essentially transmute or rebuild items using the broken down elements as building blocks.

TerraTerra (Earth)AguaAgua (Water)AerAer (Air/Wind)IgnisIgnis (Fire)

We will reveal more as we progress.

Town Progress:

Andrew has continued working on The Town. Primarily, working on layout design and making adjustments to ensure everyone has a place to stay. Also, the entrance to a future forest has appeared! (This is just down the river from the town.)


Misc Improvements:

  • Implemented a speed multiplier for balancing weapon attack speeds. Sped up the Battle Axe and slowed the Boar Spear.
  • Setup location placement for warping between scenes. When warping between scenes (loading screens) you will now start next to the warp corresponding to the scene you came from, instead of always starting at the origin.
  • Sparkles for displaying an active positive effect on a character, like healing, now tints based on the type of effect. They’re not always red.
  • Tweaked hit spark particle, much more noticeable now.
  • Candlesticks can now be equipped like torches.
  • Wall hooks are now operable. When interacting with one, you will hang your equipped lantern upon it, much like a Torch mount for torches.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where looting corpses would sometimes fail… Distance check for corpse looting is now based on the root bone, not the actual character transform.
  • Items that are idle/hidden (ex. shield on back while using a 2-handed weapon) will no longer drop from arm cripples.


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