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Take a look at your hands. Imagine if you were able to create and bring life to characters using both of your hands. What type of character would you create?

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---------------------------------------Starsss - Development Blog Post #49---------------------------------------

Take a look at your hands. Imagine if you were able to create and bring life to characters using both of your hands. What type of character would you create?

Starsss - Unveiling A New Character??

And that is the question that is frequently asked here at WhiteSponge. So to begin answering that, let's revisit the 3 existing characters in Starsss.

Beat - The Kickstarter
If you were new to Starsss, Beat is definitely the character you would want to start with. Armed with equal amounts of health and mana, he is the ultimate balanced character to kickstart your star-chasing adventure.

Starsss - Beat and the Ice World?

His special skill, the 5-hit combo, literally does what it says. Upon activation (via your S key), Beat dashes to the nearest enemy and does a 5-hit combo.

Starsss - Beat's Special Skill has arrived!

Ro - The Mana Monster
Armed with a huge mana pool, Ro is the character that you would choose if you prefer to be on the offensive. As his starting health is significantly lesser as compared to Beat, you will have to be on your toes all the time.

Starsss - More Mana! Less Health...

Ro's special skill - Stunning Nose, does not do a huge ton of damage unlike Beat's. Instead, you would usually use it in the right situation to stun multiple enemies at once.

Starsss - Ro's new Stunning Nose!

Asuka - The Orange Speedster
While she does not have a huge health or mana pool to survive on, Asuka's legs does more than compensate for that. Her fast running speed allows her to quickly evade and outrun enemy projectiles if needed.

Starsss - Play as the new Asuka!

Unlike Beat and Ro, Asuka's special skill, Counter, does not inflict damage directly on enemies. Instead, if you use it at the right time, you can deflect enemy projectiles right back at them!

Starsss - Counter Time!

The Unveiling
After revisiting the 3 existing characters in Starsss, are you more pumped up for the unveiling of the 4th character?

So say hello to Eating - the 4th character who you will be able to play as in Starsss!

Starsss - Unveiled! Say hello to Eating!

In stark contrast to Ro, Eating is the tank of Starsss. In addition to having more health than mana, she moves like how you would imagine she would - slowly.

Starsss - First look at Eating in action!

While this indicates that she doesn't die easily, her limited mana pool puts that in check. Therefore, if you want to play as Eating, don't waste mana by missing your attacks!

Well what about her special skill then? To catch a glimpse of her special skill, watch the behind-the-scenes YouTube video down below!

And lastly, remember that Starsss (alpha) is on sale and you can get it for only under $5! Start your star-chasing adventure now!

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