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Here at Rosed Games we have been working on a game concept but we are soon to exit concept and go into production

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We have just gained the team to head into production for our game that im now going to name as project new age, this name is sure to change but will do for now.

So what is this game bout well it is going to be a 2.5D side scrolling adventure RPG based around a fictional world during a civil war of two races. These two races are fighting over different ideologies involving a new technology, one race wish to use it for defensive and scouting purposes and the other wants to use it for war. Its during this time you when you when you was on an exploration through the jungle and found a ancient ruin, as you search you find a powerful piece of technology that could change the coerce of the war its your choice on how to use it

Do we have any jobs? look at our indie DB page for a list

Do you have art? has been added to the games page on indieDB waiting for it to be cleared

I have a question how do i ask? you can always comment or if you feel the need email me at dragonCASTjosh@gmial.com with the subject line question

I hope this is a good start to the project

~ Josh Co-Owner

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