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The Starport Delta v0.26 alpha update adds a new mini-quest system, a new music system, UI updates and various other updates and fixes.

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Starport Delta v0.26 Alpha Update

This week is another closed alpha update for Starport Delta from the Cloudfire Studios team! This update adds a new mini-quest system, a new music system, UI updates and various other updates and fixes.

What's new

  • New income/expenses UIadd new security scan mini-quest system, searching the station for resource rewards
  • add new UI to show daily income and expenses for you Space Bucks
  • add view of selected building and update title background on the tile details UI
  • integrate Wwise
  • add new music system that triggers different pieces of music based on gameplay
  • add two new sets of music
  • massive update to our space backgrounds with colourful new nebulae
  • update mission objectives to be incomplete if conditions no longer met
  • update the mission objective information visuals for when objective is completed
  • update support satellite to collide with the station if you build out far enough
  • adjust mouse hover settings to prevent occasional information box flickering
  • adjust ship collisions to prevent interfering with tile selection
  • update building hover effect and link colour to the building integrity
  • adjust player dialogue to be clickable to be able to skip
  • big update to the game over window
  • optimize all of the building upgrade meshes
  • update LODs for upgraded buildings
  • fix space worm not despawning
  • fix text alignments on the information box to allow for longer titles
  • fix hover not showing area of influence for new buildings at the station edge
  • fix construction sounds not playing in mission one
  • fix music volume slider not applying in some cases
  • fix space worm attacks not fully destroying upgraded buildings
  • fix rare case of infinite loop when disasters target the station
  • fix building highlight not working on mission one
  • fix free-flight camera not working

New dynamic nebula from our space background update

What's next

  • new disaster
  • more campaign content

Wishlist Starport Delta now on Steam and Green Man Gaming!

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