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The Starport Delta v0.30 alpha update adds more voice acting, changes to the space pirates and various other updates and fixes.

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Starport Delta 0.30 Alpha Update

It's time for another closed alpha update to Starport Delta from the Cloudfire Studios team! This update adds more voice acting, changes to the space pirates and various other updates and fixes.

Store update!

Some exciting news from this past week, we were accepted onto the Humble Store! Now in addition to Steam and Green Man Gaming, you can wishlist on Humble Store!

Humble Store

What's new

  • add lots of new voice over content for almost all characters to briefings and missions
  • add jaw motion to characters speaking
  • add visual effect to show some buttons more clearly
  • update space pirates with new attack behaviour
  • update all the campaign mission scripts
  • update some campaign mission objectives
  • update main menu to use new confirmation window
  • update menu to use default cursor instead of the current play mode
  • fix beams from repair drones not lining
  • fix buildings that are part of the level design not degrading
  • fix objective achieved messages firing too often
  • fix not all maintenance warnings on upgrades being clickable
  • fix deconstruction of a building temporarily preventing building on the empty hex
  • fix buildable grid not appearing on mission restart
  • fix some hexes not appearing to be buildable in mission 6
  • fix periodically being unable to build on first level load
  • fix mission 4 not transitioning to mission 5 at the right time
  • fix evacuation shelters competing to evacuate residents
  • fix pause menu not being removed when Escape is pressed
  • fix harvest drone not harvesting with beam going in the wrong direction
  • fix cursor not restarting when the level does
  • fix only the right-hand side character in mission briefing having an animated mouth
  • fix pirate ship mesh position being incorrectly offset

What's next

  • more voice content
  • leaderboards

Don't forget to check out our new game release trailer:

Wishlist Starport Delta now on Steam, Green Man Gaming and Humble Store!

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