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The Starport Delta v0.29 alpha update adds more campaign content, voice acting, sound effects and various other updates and fixes.

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Starport Delta 0.29 Alpha Update

It's time for another closed alpha update to Starport Delta from the Cloudfire Studios team! This update adds more campaign content, voice acting, sound effects and various other updates and fixes.

What's new

  • unlock the eighth campaign mission
  • add new voice over content, primarily for the Holo Assistant
  • add new sound effects
  • add new visual effect when repairing buildings
  • add new lip movement system for animating character mouths
  • adjust timing of power plant reboot from storms
  • adjust current sound effects
  • update tile details UI to wrap tile descriptions
  • finalize scripts for voice acting during campaign
  • update security scan to operate during campaign
  • adjust game over screen to show the Holo Assistant
  • adjust lighting for mission 2
  • add confirmation requests to restarting a game or going back to the main menu
  • update existing buildings to align to their internal timers instead of resetting
  • update some of our plugins
  • tweak the corridor integrity settings
  • adjust rotation settings for pivot arms on Food Farms
  • fix construction sound playing on some mission loads
  • fix error when starting a campaign mission before the briefing is finished
  • fix security scan targets not changing back to default after airlocking
  • fix radiation bursts always targeting the port
  • fix infrequent error from deconstructing upgraded buildings
  • fix satellite no longer colliding with the station
  • fix free flight camera no longer colliding with the station
  • fix additional mining ship not being destroyed when upgraded mining depot is destroyed
  • fix the tile details UI not showing the port as a three-hex building
  • fix game restarts taking way too long
  • fix mission 5 starting with more population than it should
  • fix escape key creating multiple exit confirmation prompts instead of closing an existing one
  • fix mismatch between script and objective count on mission 6
  • fix housing not detecting evacuation routes from Trade Hubs after construction
  • fix mission objective detail showing as incomplete even when flag is showing complete
  • fix inactive tiles staying inactive when absorbed into upgraded
  • fix unlock button sound playing on load
  • fix defense lasers firing when inactive
  • fix repair drone beam not being destroyed when drone is
  • fix network grids not being updated correctly after a space worm attack

What's next

  • more voice acting
  • ship updates

Don't forget to check out our new game release trailer!

Wishlist Starport Delta now on Steam and Green Man Gaming!

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