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The Starport Delta v0.27 alpha update adds a new campaign mission, new disasters, new music and various other updates and fixes.

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Starport Delta v0.27 Alpha Update

This week is another closed alpha update for Starport Delta from the Cloudfire Studios team! This update adds a new campaign mission, new disasters, new music and various other updates and fixes.

What's new

  • unlock the seventh campaign mission
  • add electrical storm as new disaster
  • add radiation burst as new disaster
  • add two new sets of music
  • add some 3D models for the mission objectives and security scans
  • add a language chooser for the first launch of the game
  • add new effect for hex selection in build mode
  • update the space worm attacks to respond to how many times you choose to airlock people
  • adjust the action music for an earlier music set
  • adjust how inactive building destruction works
  • nebula optimisations
  • increase durability of the Port
  • update the warning signs around inactive buildings when repaired but requirements still met
  • update the visuals for the meteors, include screenshake when station is hit
  • update population taxes to be paid by each housing building with visual notification
  • remove tile details window when tile is destroyed
  • improve performance when many buildings are destroyed in a short space of time
  • update garden tiles to provide population growth and tax benefits to nearby housing buildings
  • fix free-flight camera not working
  • fix grid selection sometimes being a bit off
  • fix multiple notifications showing on some occasions when upgraded buildings are destroyed
  • fix repair exclamation not working if in upper left part of the screen
  • fix buildable hexes sometimes not displaying on sandbox mode restart
  • fix main menu item background hover effects not working when returning from a game
  • fix some building and set collision meshes
  • fix music being muffled when switching between camera modes
  • fix music sometimes being stuck in the action track
  • fix tile details window sometimes not showing correct upkeep costs
  • fix tile details window not wrapping status text onto a new line
  • fix gardens having reduced integrity
  • fix rare cases of buildings trying to be accessed after being destroyed
  • fix rare cases of upgrade buildings being around the wrong way
  • fix population sometimes not being removed from the global population count

What's next

  • more campaign content
  • new mechanic

Wishlist Starport Delta now on Steam and Green Man Gaming!

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