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This preview demonstrates, how the new AI module can be used to make automatic stationary turrets, as well as automatic turrets on your own ship.

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Hello and Welcome to StarMade,

AI Customization

Here is a demostration on how the new AI module is used to create automatic turrets.

As you can see in the video, the new AI module is used to give an object an artificial intelligence. By placing the module on a structure, AI options will become available by activating the block either from within the object or externally. There are already two basic options available for the AI: The 'Standard Attack AI' and the 'Turret AI'

The 'Standard Attack AI' will result in a simple search & destroy algorithm:

  • Select an enemy
  • Go to that enemy
  • Attack that enemy

Of course there are a lot of exceptions, that can happen in that routine. If the object is attacked, for example, it will immediately switch target to the attacker.

The other option available is the 'Turret AI'. This algorithm will attack any enemies in proximity. It will not try to move but switch the target intelligently, if a better one is available. For example, if the turret is restricted by being docked, it won't try to attack enemies that are outside its limits.

As you can see in the video, the power for firing weapons is now also taken from the object, the turret is docked on to. Meaning, that a turret doesn't actually need its own power supply, which allows for much smaller builds of turrets. Providing its own power supply is still somewhat viable, since the turret will still be able to fire even if its 'parent's' power supply is taken out.

As also shown in the video, you can change the team, the AI thinks it belongs to, so the enemy would be able to 'hack' your turrets and turn them against your team!

Of course you are able to use docked AI structures on both Space Stations as well as ships.

Stuff to come

There will be a new block (don't know about the name yet) that will serve as a remote for a limited number of AI blocks. You can then change the options from only one block instead of having to go around and do it on each AI block individually. AI configurations will be made persistent so that even if you close the game and start again, everything will be exactly as you left it.

Thanks for playing StarMade,
- schema


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