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Early Look at the knight model and his weapon. Model optimization, animation concerns and camera showing detail.

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Today, I would like to show and tell what I have been working on lately: the Ritualist faction’s lowest tier unit. The ‘knight’ is a fanatical melding of man and his favorite toy. I would like to preface this by saying that the model is just a first draft, as I change shapes and polyflow of the model to optimize it, it may change. And then its gonna look badass when Todd textures it.

Which makes for an interesting challenge to make him move as both a man and a solid piece of armor. Modeling from a certain concept, I get a certain allowance of leeway for ‘artistic licence’. Finding a way to stay true to the concept and make it work, and work well is what I do. Or atleast try. So this model’s specific challenge is making the model and animation of it seem like his weapon is a part of him.

The devil is in the details. Cause once i have the model made, I have to optimize and make it work for our project. Our camera and its angle do a lot to change the way I have to model things. Cause you get to see the really low poly working game model up close and dirty. Every other time you get to see this: (not actual camera angle or zoom)


Hey if I may ask, how do you post an article to the homepage?

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rioghan Author

All I do is log in and post a new news article to a project I have access to. I am assuming that moddb picks what goes on the main page. Or its done as they are all posted. I really dont know. Sorry I have no real answer for you.

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Hmm, that's strange. I did exactly that and nothing. Perhaps they do pick what goes up and what doesn't, or maybe they are reviewing it. Thanks for the reply!

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