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NOW ON GREENLIGHT AND ON KICKSTARTER ! A space point and click adventure game!

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An authentic and beautiful cartoon-style point and click adventure game. 24 frames per second like real movies for a smooth animations!

What would happen if you put a bunch of stuff such as Firefly, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Cowboy Bebop, a LucasArts game and another by Telltale in a blender? Well, if we’re speaking literally you’d probably end up making a mess and having one of those videos where people put stuff in blenders, but we’re being figurative right now and possibly the end result might be something like this game.

StarFlint: The Black Hole Prophecy is being developed by French studio Stunmason Games. It’s a point and click adventure with 2D hand drawn graphics and it’s episodic and will be divided into 3 several episodes. It offers different purposes and choice to customize your adventure, include through meetings with various NPCs. We thus take into Mass Effect references, but we distinguish our project by his 2D cartoon style. We cover a broad range of topics that not be suitable for the younger audience. So we are developing this series with uncensored adult content that include nudity scenes.

The story

This story allows you to control Flint, a dreamy character who lives from day to day and a deadly space pirate's named Trixie, are poles apart. But, a strange blackhole changes Flint and makes him save Trixie and her crew. Indeed, the Order, a strange space dictatorial police, is after the space pirates. And for some not so obvious reasons. This encounter will alter the path of their destiny, make them meet a lot of alien species and force them to discover many mysteries and conspiracy.

Trixie is intuitive and fearless, she through herself in the land of freelancers. She's be rapidly wanted by a bunch of mobsters and few interstellar agencies. Surrounded by a tight and dedicated crew, eachone of them for his own reason, she's well renowned.

Flint is an ordinary man, locked in his daily life, without great ambition. He supported himself with odd jobs and only dare to escape dreaming of absurd greatness.

The game

This game will initially support PC / Mac. We plan to add more platforms especially iOS and Android after the desktop version is released. We are also looking into the possibility of Steam and Console support and Linux but for now Unity 5 export is a little bit unstable and we will have to make some tests before, to be sure to provide you the best quality possible.

Everything is interactive! The animations aim to be cartoonish, the caracters movements are not repetitives but in full adequacy with their environments.




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