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Another week is almost over, and we are almost there to start Starfall Tactics' test! And its a good day to tell you some additional information to let you prepare for Faction Wars even better, so read it all carefully ;)

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Another week is almost over, and we are almost there to start Starfall Tactics' test! And its a good day to tell you some additional information to let you prepare for Faction Wars even better, so read it all carefully ;)

Downloading Starfall Tactics

We've just uploaded new launcher version and if you haven't previously downloaded Starfall Tactics - feel free to get a launcher. Here is a short list of instructions for new testers:

  1. Download Starfall Tactics launcher here.
  2. Install Launcher.
  3. Most likely, pre-load will be available a few hours before the test starts
  4. Start playing Starfall Tactics when the clock strikes 18:00 CET on 17th of November!
  5. Join in the discussion with other pre-alpha Commanders at our Forum and on Discord Channel

If you have any questions concerning this event or how to play the game, please, read this FAQ and short Tutorials or ask your questions at the forum. If you encounter any issues, please, visit this topic with a list of known issues first.

Adaptive and reactive armor

While creating content for the upcoming test, we added a couple great things for energy shields, like shield overload and mass shield which work as special modules, extending abilities of this layer of defense. But as there is armor you must take in account, we've just decided to add a couple of new special types for this layer of defense:

Adaptive armor sets over simple armor and works and counts as a usual armor. In addition, it also has a very important passive ability to adapt to a certain damage type: the more you hit this armor with energy damage, the less energy damage it takes, but, at the same time, becomes vulnerable to kinetic damage.

Reactive armor doesn't give you normal hitpoints - besides, it has several charges which are spent passively. When you take a lot of damage in a short period of time - for example, shots from Gauss Cannons - it consumes all damage it could cause and spends one charge. There are not so much of charges, so make sure to take away damage dealers in time.

Faction daily quests

Ones could already notice from some sreenshots, that there is a quest panel on the left side of the screen in Discovery. We previously told you about quests for leveling up ranks, but that's not the only thing which we plan to add soon (note that quests can be not available during upcoming test) - there are also Daily Faction quests.

Basic quest for getting rank 2

We think most of you love getting nice daily bonuses like additional experience, reputation points and in-game currency ;) These quests can give you goals like destroy several enemy ships, freighters or pirates, deliver ore or supplies, explore a system and many other, which are not very hard to complete, expecially for a descent reward. And it usually lets your faction get some profit and advance further!

Of course, it's only a small step forward to the full quest system coming later to Starfall Tactics, but we hope at can bring more joy to your weekdays in Starfall Tactics.

Detachment list

As many of you asked us about existing detachments in the game, we decided to give you a list of all detachments available at the moment. Please, note that it's all in progress, so it can be and, most likely, will be changed.

  • Basic Detachment: 3 FF, 3 C, 2 CC
  • Battle Unit (3rd rank required): 2 FF, 3 CC,1 BB, 1 DN and -10% IGC discount
  • Assault Unit (3rd rank required): 1 FF, 1 CC, 4 BB, and -10% reputation discount; +10% fuel consumption
  • Scout Wing (3rd rank required): 5 FF, 4 C, 1 CC, 1 BB and +10% fleet movement speed; -10% Cargo
  • Heavy Unit (3rd rank required): 1 CC, 3 BB, 1 DN and +10% Cargo; -1 hex vision
  • Cover Squadron (5th rank required): 1 FF, 2 C, 5 CC, 1 DN and +10% to max fuel
  • Reconnaissance Squadron (5th rank required): 1 FF, 4 C, 2 CC, 2 DN and +1 hex vision; -10% WP income in territory wars
  • Offensive Squadron (5th rank required): 1 FF, 2 C, 5 BB and +10% WP income in territory wars; -10% to max fuel
  • Heavy Defensive Wing (5th rank required): 6 FF, 1 BB, 3 DN and -10% fuel consumption; -10% fleet movement speed
  • Strike Squadron (7th rank required): 5 FF, 4 DN
  • Vanguard Military Formation (9th rank with Vanguard required): 2 CC, 1 BB, 3 DN and +10% to reputation recieved
  • Eclipse Military Formation (9th rank with Eclipse required): 1 FF, 2 CC, 2 BB, 2 DN and +10% to reputation recieved
  • Deprived Military Formation (9th rank with Deprived required): 7 FF, 3 C, 1 CC, 1 BB,1 DN and +10% to reputation recieved

Ship types: FF - Frigate, C - Cruiser, CC - Battlecruiser, BB - Battleship, DN - Dreadnought.

Hope to see you in Starfall Tactics next week, on 17th November - be ready for the Conquest!

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