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Star Merc is now on steam greenlight please check it out, thanks for the support!

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Star Merc is now on steam greenlight and i am receiving good feedback in regards to the game itself, i started working on the game about 5 months ago and it has came along way from then. My aim was to create an rpg in space where the player can decided their own character to be good or evil with visible results in the universe, many space games always have that persistent evil enemy that the player has to overcome but in Star Merc i want each of the characters and factions the player interacts with to have their own agenda and reasons for their actions. The game has gone through many changes recently and i am now happy the game is on greenlight which is allowing me to get valuable feedback and also ideas from people who are interested in the game itself. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and the link to the greenlight page is below if you wouldn't mind just checking it out i would be very grateful.

Many Thanks

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