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Post news RSS Star Legion Full Release: 19 Dec 2019

Star Legion arrives for download December 19! Deploy your ships and dogfight for supremacy in the stars. Enjoy six skirmish game modes and one strategic game mode!

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Star Legion releases for download on December 19, 2019!

Download Star Legion - Indie DB

Meet the Enemy in Six Skirmish Game Modes!

Star Legion features quick-paced starship combat in six skirmish game modes, including:

  • Two-Station Battles (Browser Demo)
  • One-Station Attack
  • One-Station Defense
  • Zone Control (Video & Article)
  • Elimination Dogfight
  • Timed Dogfight (Video)

Zone Control SCREENSHOT 3

Take Command in Strategic Campaigns!

Star Legion offers a commander's perspective in the "Star Control" strategic game mode! Build space stations, deploy fleets, and conquer worlds to lead your team to victory! (Article & Video)

Star Control - 1 Star Control - 2

Challenge Yourself in Battle!

The desktop release of Star Legion records your efforts in every skirmish battle. Keep track of your progress with statistics tracking your kills, assists, and deaths as well as station damage dealt, ship damage dealt, shield damage sustained, and more!

The Future of Star Legion

Please be sure to provide feedback, especially if you discover any bug or other issues while playing. Your contributions can help make Star Legion better for all who play it. And of course, thank you for playing!

Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported the development of Star Legion.

If you are a developer or other media creator, please check out the work of Erica Matyas at soundimage.org! Eric's work has been featured in a number of my projects, including Star Legion. Eric is responsible for the music, the sound effects, and most planet textures featured in the game.

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