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Join the fleet in taking the battle to the enemy! Dogfight for supremacy in the stars. The "Star Legion" Alpha Demo is now available at hanjan.itch.io/star-legion

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Star Legion is an science-fiction action game in early development. Join the fleet in taking the battle to the enemy, and dogfight for supremacy in the stars. You can play the Alpha Demo now on Itch.io.
"Star Legion" is early in its development and its vision may change before release, but the following features are being considered for the full game:

  • Defend your space station and destroy the enemy station to win.
  • Earn points to play as more powerful starships, including frigate and battle cruisers.
  • Fight with a variety of weapons, including lasers cannons, homing missiles, and EMP blasts.
  • Play with the keyboard, mouse, or controller.

Follow the development of Star Legion on IndieDB for updates on content and future demo releases!

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