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STAR JAR controls tweaked, jar rotate sensitivity option added, minor bugs patched! Now downloadable on indieDB!

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This is just a quick update to my original STAR JAR release post. I've updated the public build to incorporate some tweaks suggested by players:

  • Jar is now rotated using 'A' & 'D' rather than 'A' & 'S' keys -- ignoring the WASD convention was a total oversight on my part.
  • Jar rotation sensitivity is adjustable via the Options screen. LOW, MED, and HIGH settings available. Hopefully this will better accommodate different play styles in-game!
  • Cycling through choices on the Options screen is now done with L & R keys.

Also patched a few bugs related to collision animations and the ending cut-scene. That said, if you notice something awry, please feel free to email me, and I'll do my best to get it fixed ASAP.

STAR JAR is still available for free/donation on itch.io: Ottomaddox.itch.io

I'm also adding a download link to this indieDB profile for yr convenience! Any feedback/criticism/etc is much appreciated (DOWNLOAD LINK UPDATED TO 1.0.3)

STAR JAR 1.0.3 Update



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