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We are extremelly excited for today's post, we will be talking about some of the standout features that will help our game look as aesthethic and beautiful as possible!

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Hello again!

In today's post we will be telling you all about some of the key visual features that will help our game look as pretty as it can be!

Water Shaders!

The first thing that has been cooking in the oven are the water shaders!

There is really no need to explain that basics! Its a water shader and its pretty!

Water Main

But! There are a few key details about it that may peak your interest! First one being that the colour of the water if fully customizable!

Meaning that we can change it to any colours we want to! Here are some examples!

Water Orange

Water Pink

Furthermore there is an interesting detail with the shader, obviously you are just looking at a static image here but the shader is animated, those little white "lines" flow like water foam!

Also everytime an object is put in the water it also creates these foams, adding to the overall aesthethic!

Water zoomed in

Grass all over!

As most games do, we have grass, beautiful green grass, again not much to explain here, its grass! But do take a look at it, its cute!

Grass 2

Grass 1

Grass will be placed in strategic spots where it feels most natural and aesthethic to the eye!

The Hub Area!

The Hub is still not finished, but one of the key features of this area that is almost finished is a GIGANTIC TREE, obviously inspired by Sakura Trees, that will fill a lot of the space and give off an extremelly atmospheric vibe to the area.

1 3

2 3

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