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SSTR information on release day, December 15, 2020.

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SSTR is an escape-room style puzzle game set aboard Horizon, a colony ship adrift in the darkness under the watchful eye of Sister. Awaken into madness and explore the horrors of Horizon’s past.

Brain melting puzzles.

As you move through the ship, you'll discover the doors were locked by a shipful of crazy people. Pour over the scrawlings on the walls, floors, and computer terminals to gather information. Piece together the insane logic in order to escape the room you're in and get one step closer to shutting SSTR down.

You can run, she will find you.

Defend yourself from the onslaught of Sister’s drones. Scavenge for resources throughout the ship to construct automated defense turrets and hold her back as you struggle through Horizon. Survival will not be easy.





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