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It has been a year since SST:LD started and to calibrate the anniversary we released SST:LD 2.1, many new features, platforms, a review and gaming tips.

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Hello! It has been a year since the SST:LD glest mod started and to celibrate the anniversary we have released SST:LD 2.1 as a standalone release. This includes multiplayer and a standalone release for Mac machines and a base release for Linux users and Glest players who dont want to have 2 copies of Glest. We also have a review and a few gaming tips.

SST:LD 2.1 - Windows - Mac - Base Files

Special thanks to Titus Tscharntke who made the base files and to jak for the mac port. The mac port is only version 2 so it does not include multiplayer. Read the details for the mac port as you will need to install a framwork. I hope you enjoy the new release!


really nice i allways liked your game... But i think it's still empty.. You should focus instead of creating new units more on ambient... Some trees - cactus and other plants + bushes and some hills would be awesome. I really miss this in your game...

There were an official Star Ship Troopers RTS, i'm not talking about the first person shooter.

You should check some of these screens out to know what i mean.

Software.gamefront.com (Hills)

Gpdownloads.co.nz (Bridges + Weather effects)

Uk.media.pc.ign.com many more pictures...

I'm not sure what your engine can handle and what not.. But some object plants should be possible.

still keep it up... You guys do a fine job.

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I played that game.

It was awsome.

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yeah i have it to somewhere :p
beiing surrounded was never more fun :p

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Cheers Myles!

This is what I'd call a "well-produced" game! I never had any problems running your game, everything works and keeps frustration low.
On the other hand you don't have so many features as many other RTS and Glest's capability for terrain creation seem somewhat limited.
Somehow I always found this a cute game, but I'm getting a bit terrified still, when hordes of bugs are threading my base limits, unexpectedly, and I have to use up my last reserves to deal with them. That's the biggest fun SST:LD has to offer!

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myles Author

Thanks, both of you.
Many props can be added, and should be done on the next version. There is terrain in the game but you need to have correct textures too make it work correctly. We 'might' be able to get some sort of falling dust if possible, we can add both snow and rain in the glest engine. The bridges cant be done properly. What kind of feature were you thinking of SinKing?

Im hoping for a very different gameplay for the next version as well. Should be easier for the Humans to get quickly started and easier for the bugs to build hordes of units.

Thanks all!

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