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You can now play Squeezy The Tomato: Tomatello's Revenge, for free on your Android devices! Prepare your fingers and Squeeeeeze those "Tommys" !

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We recently released our fourth mobile game called "Squeezy The Tomato: Tomatello's Revenge". It is a cartoon, fast paced action game where you have to tap and squeeze tomatoes! It is extremely easy to learn and hard to master. It offers the basic whack-a-mole mechanism, with some extra features and two fun modes!There are five different Characters, each one reacts in a different way. The characters are:Tomatello - You have to Squeeze him only once.Fasto - He's the racing driver! He has to be squeezed only once as well, but he is the fastest tomato, so add him as a priority in squeeze queue!Fatso - He's pretty fat and when you squeeze him, he splits into two "Tomatello"s.Sicko - He's green, sick and you should not squeeze him, cause it costs a life.Strongo - He's the Wrestler. A tough tomato that needs to be squeezed two times.You can choose between Time Attack Mode and Survival Mode.

  • In Time Attack, you're called to squeeze only Tomatello and Fasto. You have 1 minute to achieve the highest score you can. Each time you get a successful combo of 5 taps, you get bonus second back, so you can continue extending your time if you're fast enough, achieving higher score!
  • In Survival Mode, there are 10 different levels. In each level you have to tap 100 tomatoes. You have 5 lives in this mode. From level 1 to 4 you get introduced into each character and from level 4 and on, you get to play against all characters of the game. Whenever you loose a tomato from the screen without squeezing it, you lose a life. Whenever you press Sicko, which is the sick one, you loose a life.

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