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Our first PC game was released on STEAM! Please check it out!

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SQUAKE is the well loved classical "Snake" game with a mix of full-steam battle mechanics. Think of it as of Snake+Quake! In SQUAKE you drive a train, grow it by collecting more cars, and destroy opponents with your tail.

The game has 10 unique arenas with traps, power-ups, medals, trophies. All kinds of different game modes: team towers, domination, capture the flag, endless mode!

But it's not just a crazy arena. The game has a crazy campaign mode, too. As you complete missions on Squake islands, cities grow on them, and new islands become available. There are 8 mission islands and 2 arena islands.

The game passed Steam Greenlight as a prototype back in 2013 and the studio got back to finishing it last year. And now it's completed!


  • snake with battle mechanics;
  • upgradable powerups;
  • 10 maps;
  • game modes: Domination, huge arenas;
  • team modes: Capture the flag, team battles;
  • customizable smoke styles: do you prefer acid clouds or sparkling rainbows?

The game is available on Steam for PC and Mac at $5.99.

First week after the launch there's a 25% launch sale, so the price is $4.49 during this period.

STEAM: Store.steampowered.com

TRAILER: Youtube.com

GAME WEBSITE: Squake.on-5.com

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