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A brief dev diary. A bit about the game, ramblings etc.

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Hi everyone,

So this game started life as a completely different game called "Absence Fracta Est Terra". But due to my lack of art prowess it turned into Square in Underwear. I drew the character in Gimp quite possibly in a fit of rage having been let down by the third artist I had gotten.

What was clear early on was I wanted speed from the character, I'm not a fan of holding a button to move quicker. The wall climb/jump is purposely like that. I wanted a jump system where especially in the bonus levels it seems impossible but in fact using the glitch jump it's quite easily to complete....With patience.

Square in Underwear for me reminds me of playing NES and SNES games. There wasn't really much of a save system and if you died bam do it again. So a game that could be completed in thirty mins took weeks to master and complete. While I'm not comparing this to such classics I feel that this is the type of game I set out to make and it is a game I would buy and play.

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