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Post news RSS Spy grenades, Promitity Sensor and ARM reveiled

Another outburst of the Project Stealth team, these gadgets are the second in a row of releases.

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Hi all,

We're happy to release the Merc's Proximity (Proxy) Sensor and the Spy's three types of grenades (chaff, smoke and flashbang) and the ARM for the necessary recon.

Proximity Sensor

Place this gadget on a wall and a laser beam will be emitted. When a Spy touches it, a small module will be fired onto him. This device makes the Spy appear on the radar.


The ARM is a fire-and-forget recon gadget. It's advisable to look at your radar though: it might point out that a Merc is coming your way! Also, when tagged on a Merc, you'll be able to hack the Merc's communications, as well as seeing him on your radar.

Spy Grenades

These little guys are meant to give you a little time when escaping a Merc, or hacking the objective, or trying to incapacitate a Merc. Their form allows the user to either throw it down fast, or shoot it from the modified P90.

Check back tomorrow for more fresh updates ;)

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