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As AlKeVi's composer, I'd like to talk about Sprouty' s music. What have already been produced for the first opus. Here, I will focus on the very first track: Sprouty's lullaby.

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In general, where do I seek inspiration ?

If you want to create anything (I mean interesting and suitable) like music, sound, or whatever you want, you should have something to tell like a story, or some others emotions to share.

In any case, this is the way I work avoiding thus hollowness ... So, I just need a powerfull idea.

Composing Sprouty's (tiny-)OST was quite easy, because this character specificities are a horn of plenty, just look at him!

Isn't it? So : He simply is a cute sleepwalker acorn. And this was all I needed to make my job!

Then, things became easier : who says music and "Sleep" ... says lullaby!

So, first I composed a small eight-bars childish music (respecting classic music codes and simple harmonic changes).

Here's the 4 first bars of the score with no instrumentation (for the curious) :

Sprout'ys lullaby score

Then I had to "produce" this small
song in the right style, to make it appropriate to the game's aesthetic (Retro,
kawaï, f2p, flash)

... I decided to give it the texture of a strange 8bit Music box, using cheap-sounds, with a tempo floating slightly up and down.

Here's the result :

I finally hope this small piece fulfil his role as an immersive element allowing the player to be immediately taken in the humble world of Sprouty.

Here's a Sprouty first opus game link, for those who'd like to check if "Sprouty's lullaby" works or not!

Hoping you'll support us (AlKeVi), during the developement of the sequel ...

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