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A thank you for everyone who supposted us and an exciting change is coming!

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Woo. The game's been through a lot lately. On top of a new name, a new identity. As if snatched up by the suits in Witness Protection, our hatted friend has moved into a whole new world.

A 3D one. You may have seen the posts on other platforms already, but we've moved Sprout into the third dimension and we've already been hard at work on making the transition a visual one. I know it's been kind of quiet with us lately as we scrambled to put everything together during this chaotic period of change, so I want to take a moment to offer my genuine thanks to those of you who have stuck by us. And, corny as it may sound, those of you who have continuously and genuinely cared about the project and (cue sappy strings music) believed in us.

I could probably give you each an essay if it didn't mean publicly exposing my emotions to the cruel, cold internet, so I'll keep it to a line.

Lelex - The advice man. Always knows how to make it over the obstacles. Basically he's Master Splinter.
Thomas Faust - Upbeat, witty, and friendly. Talking to you has always been a morale boost.
St1ka - Everyone's favorite personal wizard. Everyone pretty much already knows him. St1ka's seriously awesome.
Peter Your always so interested in the game, asking questions and checking status. Not to mention your ever-present will to help. Seriously a spirit-lifter
GMShivers - Stands out against the Twitter hivemind, always positive, always helpful, and super smart.
T-Go Co - Always positive, always helpful. Working on a very interesting project of his own
Annie - All the RTs, all the puppy pics, all the Spiderman love. What can I say? You rock.
Ojamo - Unsolicited custom write up for Sprout and always happily interested in our progress. A huge boost.
Say - Everyone's favorite heroine. Your easy to talk to and helpful. Thanks for all your support
Ptraci - My weekly-ish Spanish lessons via Twitter are nothing compared to the value of the input you've given

Special mention to BlodyAvenger who has recently been buzzing around making noise on my Feed. The questions and interest are massively inspiring.

I'm sure I've left some people out. If I have, I'm sorry! I'm sure I'll be doing another one of these soon.

You are all awesome!

PetertheHe - - 33 comments

Upgrading from 2D to 3D is easy-ish. You just need new models and the same textures :)


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Decade_Design Author
Decade_Design - - 44 comments

Because you are awesome! :)

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