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Ragdolls are always fun, here is one. I am looking for suggestions on waht to work on next, and a general update.

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I have been working on ragdolls for the past 3 weeks, and it was a bit painful. I learned alot but my ragdolls are still a bit sucky.
So yea, there weren't any updates for quite some time... I will improve the ragdolls later.
The gun is adorned with a plushie, the scent of the plushie negates the bad smell from the gun.

It doesn't look so good right now, but it was even worse before. Here are some fail videos:


What should I work on next? Not sure, I will think of something.
Oh, I am also going to get a few nice models from someone... they look really good.
And... I want a new heavy metal song so I could add it to videos and have it as a background music in game, so please donate at:

If you ahve suggestions on what to work next, what more do you want to see? I am open for sugestions. My mind melted a bit from the ragdolls.

And lastely, before I worked on the ragdolls I have added bullet balistics. That means the bullets take time to fly to the target instead of being a one frame ray. I also draw them and add sound effects when they fly by your head which makes it really fun.
Here is a video I took. I don't even remember if I showed it in a previous post.
Sorry this post is a bit messy.


Well actually that first fail video would work really well if the game was a horror game.

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PompiPompi Author

Yea, heh. I thought about that too.
I don't know why but his leg kept kicking, and that made the whole mesh fly around.

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Your vids are always so funny.
Many great games has dancing ragdolls, you are going in the right direction. :) I think some joint drawing the rigidbodies too close, so they can never rest. I had this back then, my palmtrees was coptering around in the air. hehe

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PompiPompi Author

I didn't exactly understand what you mean by the rigid bodies though? The only rigid body in respect to the ragdolls is the gun. But the ragdoll works pretty badly without the gun as well.

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