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Post news RSS Spring: 1944 Operation Konstantin (v0.92) RELEASED!

Spring:1944 Operation Konstantin has been released! This is a beta release, but highly playable and loads of fun. Check it out!

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The Spring: 1944 Team is proud to announce the first true public release of Spring: 1944 "Operation Konstantin!"

Click on the banner above to go to our Downloads page!

Short intro: Spring: 1944 is an open-source (re: free) game development project using the SpringRTS engine. It is 100% free, legal, and fun.

After months of work, we finally feel confident enough to release this beast to the world at large. After a short period of semi-public testing within the SpringRTS community, we've bugfixed and issue-resolved and packed Spring: 1944 into a self-installer, complete with the SpringRTS engine, Spring: 1944 files and maps, and SpringLobby.

You can find a full Spring:1944 Game Guide Here, which will take you through everything from installation and getting started to tactical tips and unit information.

Spring: 1944 is a Work In Progress, and still officially in the Beta stages of development, as we strive to continue development, adding more gameplay features, units, and content. Therefore, we value any and all input about the game, from suggestions, problems, kudos, anything! This version, Konstantin (aka v0.92), is named after after Operation: Konstantin; all Spring: 1944 versions, rather than simply being versioned by alphanumeric code, have been given nicknames after various WW2 operations in semi-alphabetical order. Konstantin is the follow-up to Koltso (v0.90); versions beginning with the same letter denote minor changes (mainly bugfixes in this case), while versions starting with an entirely new letter denote major changes and content additions (so our next big version will begin with L).

If you do have any comments, suggestions, gripes (or kudos!) or bugs, please don't hesitate to visit us on our forums, or hit the Report Bug link on our website.

Eaglesnest and River Crossing Eaglesnest and River Crossing
Bocage Skirmish Nebelwerfer Battery

Simply download and install S44Konstantin_v092.exe! Be sure to install all installation components, as all are needed to play Spring: 1944.

Note: Upon starting SpringLobby, Spring's multiplayer chat/game-finding service, you may be prompted to update it immediately as its auto-update detects versions of the program newer than that shipped with our installer. Let it update, of course.

Launching the Spring 1944 desktop shortcut will open and start SpringLobby, which will connect you to the online playerbase. Although it is explained in more detail elsewhere, at the moment there is very little (re: no) single-player support for Spring: 1944. While you can start single-player games, you can not enter into a skirmish mode with an AI opponent or start any sort of campaign -- though these features are indeed coming, they are not yet developed enough to work. There is, however, lots of people playing Spring: 1944 multiplayer games, and several people are involved in creating different single-player experiences (a skirmish AI is in development, as are scenario-type singleplayer levels and several game modes). In the installation folder, you will also find "spring.exe". This is the main Spring engine executable, which will launch Spring and give you multiple options, from selecting start scripts, mods, and maps.

As usual, more information can be found on our website, and you can join our growing community on our forums to talk about the game, report issues and bugs, find players, volunteer to help, or for any other reason. Also be sure to keep tabs on our website for any upcoming news!

See you on the frontlines, and thanks for your support!

The Spring: 1944 Team
Visit the Spring: 1944 Website
Visit the Spring: 1944 Art Page to see screenshots, renders, and other media
Visit the Spring: 1944 Forums


Nice! Good job and all that. I'll give it a go!

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Nice work guys...

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cant find archive mover PLEASE HELP

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NemoNobody Author

Installer is broken, we are working on a fixed version.

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