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I've been adding gameplay features in my sandbox environment that are normally accessed later in the game. If you don't want spoilers, don't click!

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Hello ClimbersOKAY! Lot's of updates this time, so I condensed it into a single video recorded in my test area.

All these gameplay abilities will be unlocked while playing the game, so SPOILER ALERT!

  • Better dash sounds
  • Double jump
  • Glowing crystals for dark sections of the game
  • Better blue crystal destruction
  • Moving platforms
  • Tic tac animation showing you're pushing off from the wall
  • First version of the grapple hook
  • Improved air control
  • You can't see it, but fixed Coyote jump

I'm way ahead of schedule it seems, but this is a good thing! The sooner I finish raw gameplay elements, the sooner I can focus on orchestrating the main campaign.

Also, here's a rough digital painting of the android I did on my iPad just for fun. Finally came of use!


As usual, stay tuned for more!

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