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It's finally Friday and it's time to announce the final concept and behavior for the Spinning Turtle!

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Last week we released a teaser for the new in-development IP, code named DEPTHS, and we were delighted with all the enthusiasm we received !

So we decided to share more stuff and spotlight this week is directed to a (sometimes!) peaceful contender!
In our adventure we will find many creatures, some strange, some creepy, but others, you might have even seen them floating around or you may even have one for a pet! Although I would not recommend our Spinning Turtle for a aquarium!

She may be a peaceful wanderer but be careful not to disturb her beauty swimming, because when threatened, our Turtle will enter her shell and go into a frenzied pinball-like state, pummeling everything that gets in her way!

Spinning Turtle Final Concept

Feel free to comment and stay tuned for next week's creatures and features!

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