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If you like strategic battles and collectible card games, check out the latest pitch in Square Enix Collective: Spellstrike.

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Spellstrike fuses strategy, card gaming and action-packed combat together to create a unique gaming experience. In Spellstrike, you control a squad of three fighters; one hero and two support characters. Your squad is chosen from an ever increasing collection of characters. You'll be able to boost your collection and unlock more heroes with coins gained from battle. Not only can you craft your perfect squad; but you can also train each member to learn new combat skills, to truly tailor your war waging ruffians to the way you want to play the game.

The core gameplay revolves around tailoring your squad to correctly approach each combat situation laid out before them. Strategy is key. When picking a map you'll see a selection of goals - so if your mission is to 'Protect the VIP' then you may want to enter this map in a defensive manner and adjust as needed throughout the fight. Once your goal is completed, your squad will be showed in well-earned rewards, allowing them to further improve their capabilities.

To learn more about Spellstrike, and to cast votes, check out their Square Enix Collective page:


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