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Dear friends, members and fans of the world of Gothic, very soon our project will be available for pre-order

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Why early access? In our team, everyone is a fan of the Gothic series of games. And we always wanted to make our own version of Gothic, with interesting characters and dialogues, with a constant sense of danger and a unique atmosphere. When developing spellmaster: Saga, we were inspired by a series of Gothic games. We needs the help of players to create a game in which Gothic fans would exclaim: "Yes, this is it!. A lot depends on the players. Will they like the concept and how will they react to the current state of the game? We don't plan to hang in early access for several years. But we expect to bring the game to perfection in one and a half years.

How will the full version of the game differ from the current one? Most of the game features are already implemented - every player will find something to do. However, we plan to implement more features related to the Academy and its impact on the player's daily activities. We plan to increase their number, improve the quality and dependence on each other, and improve the non-linearity of the passage. Thus, the game can be played several times and each time you meet something new. We also plan to improve and diversify the combat system and much more.

What is the current version status? The game does have a story passage of about 10 hours, this is not counting the study of numerous locations. The combat system is bad, but we plan to develop and improve it based on the players ' opinions.Will the price change after the game is released?Players who purchased the game during the early access period do not need to buy anything else. We're not even considering the possibility of introducing micropayments. As for the price of the game after release, it will increase.How do you plan to involve the community in game development?Regular collection of reviews and statistics, conducting surveys, as well as close communication with players will allow them to take a direct part in the development of the game.

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