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Tale of Echoes will feature a deep spell customization system that will allow players to customize the spells of their magic-casting characters to fit their needs.

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Mockup for spell synth system

Basic spell types:

Rather than learning specific spells, you collect Blank Spell Scrolls from various sources. Spell scrolls will allow you to learn generic spell types, such as Bolts, Strikes and Pulses. Bolts are projectile spells, which deal damage based on distance. Pulses, on the other hand, are area of effect spells which damage all enemies in range.

Elemental Infusion:
Before you can actually cast a spell, you must perform an elemental infusion using an elemental shard. Don't worry, you only have to do this once per spell. This will allow you to assign an elemental property to your spell. Fire, wind, earth, water, lightning, dark, light and cosmic are the elemental properties you can chose from. Each element is associated with a stat, a beneficial status effect and a negative status effect. For example, fire is associated with Strength(stat), Regeneration (beneficial) and Burn (negative). Darkness is associated with Intelligence, Havoc and Sleep.

You may further customize your spells in the following ways:

  • Levels: Spells may be leveled up with upgrade points (more on that at a later time). Leveling up a spell increases its overall potency.
  • Inscriptions: These are items that you can collect from a variety of sources that allow you to modify your spells in a number of ways. For example, the Mark of Havoc inscription grants additional critical chance when the caster's health is low.

Some spells may have rare scroll variants which allow for more inscriptions to be added to a single spell.

Caster Affinity
Caster affinity is a stat that is based on a number of things, such as the frequency with which you cast certain elements, the level of your spells and the number of spells of the same element. This system will grant you bonuses accordingly. If you choose to specialize in fire elemental spells, your fire potency will increase, however, the system will not punish you for mixing and matching spells, it will just grant you a different affinity bonus.

Caster affinity will also unlock special abilities (more on these at a later time).

This is just one system in Tale of Echoes. I'll be sharing more on different systems in the near future including Combat Abilities (yes, non-mages will have a similar system) and Combat itself.
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e_Glyde - - 331 comments

This is good for people who like to customize a lot.(me)So great work.

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